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Northwood Outdoor Services provides residential and commercial clients in Rogers, MN and surrounding northwest metro with top-tier sod installation services.

Sod Installation Experts Based in Rogers, MN

Your lawn dominates your outdoor space, and the condition of your grass is a major part of your home’s curb appeal. Sod installation is a quick solution for a green and healthy lawn. Northwood Outdoor Services is your premier source for sod installation in Rogers, MN and throughout the northwest metro. We install only the finest, locally grown Kentucky Bluegrass sod to instantly create a lush lawn.

Northwood Outdoor Services’ team installs fresh-cut sod to perfectly fit your property. Whether you have a newly built home that needs a brand new lawn, or a patchy existing lawn that requires rejuvenation. When we install your new sod, we measure the area and use the right turf species and renovate the soil composition if needed to ensure the sod takes root quickly and thrives. We perform sod installation anytime during the growing season, so you never have to wait to enjoy the newly found curb appeal that sod brings to your property. Get a quote today for your sod installation next project

Start Your Lawn With Professional Sod Installation

Compared to traditional grass seed, sod is a better way to start a new lawn or to replace a failing lawn. With a proper watering regimen following a professional installation, sod quickly takes root into your soil, providing a lush, green, healthy lawn that will look great year after year. A newly sodded lawn is easy to maintain, helps prevent erosion, and instantly provides a beautiful yard without the need to wait for grass seed to germinate.

At Northwood Outdoor Services, we focus on making sure clients are happy throughout the entire process of any project. Our installation team is fast and efficient, and they are experts in sod installation with the variety of soils the the northwest metro. If you are looking for fresh sod installation in Rogers, MN or any surrounding areas to create a beautiful lawn without all the fuss, give us a call today or request a quote online.

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