Mulch, Rock & Edging Installation

Northwood Outdoor Services is a top-rated mulch, decorative landscape rock & edging installation company in Rogers, MN. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout the northwest metro.

Professional Mulch Installation in Rogers, MN & Surrounding Areas

While mulch, landscape rock and edging may not be the full focal point in your yard compared to a paver patio or large retaining wall, but they still provide an essential finishing touch to your outdoor space. Mulch helps curb weed growth and bring out the color of your trees, shrubs, perennials and annual flowers while also reducing landscape bed maintenance. Along with helping to suppress weed growth, the benefits of mulch include helping maintain a proper moisture level for plants while keeping an appropriate balance of nutrients in the soil. It can also assist with erosion prevention on minor slopes and help deter some animals from digging around your plants.

We offer installation and delivery of mulch in a wide variety colors and wood types such as shredded Cedar and Hardwood in colors such as natural brown, red, black, gold and light brown. When it comes time to re-mulch your beds, we are here to take on the task of making sure your property looks beautiful and stays healthy.

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Decorative Landscape Rock Installers

Landscape rock brings an extraordinary finishing touch with exquisite arrays of color to highlight the best in your trees, shrubs, perennials and annual flowers. Rock installation is generally a “one-and-done” project and is the ideal choice for the property owner that wants to reduce the time and resources spent controlling weeds, that pop up in your landscaping. Rock can be the best option on properties with large trees that drop a substantial volume of leaves in fall. This makes fall leaf clean up an easier task compared to mulch which is susceptible to being blown around when using a leaf blower.

For rock installation projects in Rogers and surrounding communities, you can expect an on-time arrival by our crew that is ready to work. We begin with removing the existing ground covering and hauling it to the proper waste site. Then place poly or fabric at the soil surface as a weed barrier, cutting holes in the appropriate locations so plants will still receive adequate water, and then install the new rock at a proper depth.

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We offer multiple types, colors and styles of decorative rock that are readily available for delivery and installation. Including river rock, buff limestone, quartz, granite, trap rock and more. Request a quote today to learn more about pricing and to schedule your next project.

Landscape Edging Installation

Our professional edging installation perfectly outlines your landscape beds while helping keep mulch and rock out of your turf areas. Edging provides a sharp barrier between elements of your property, creating a distinct, bold, and clean look to your lawn. We offer several edging materials to finish off your yard with a professionally manicured look, reducing lawn maintenance and keeping your property looking its best.
Northwood Outdoor Services provides all the finishing touches yards need to look their absolute best in Rogers, MN, and throughout the northwest metro. We work with residential and commercial clients looking to increase their curb appeal using mulch, rock, and edging installation. If you would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call today or request an online quote.

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