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Professional Landscape Drainage Rogers, MN

Are you experiencing spongy spots or standing water in your lawn or landscaping after rain events? Is water running into your basement or making a lot of your outdoor space useless? If your answer is yes to any of these – your lawn may have drainage issues. There are numerous contributing factors to a yard or landscape experiencing drainage issues. A common issue being an incorrect grade underneath turf areas, or the landscape surrounding the foundation of your house or building sends water towards it instead dispersing it away from structures. Drainage issues can also occur in recently built buildings if the topsoil surrounding the foundation was not filled in and compacted down, or has settled unexpectedly. Our Rogers, MN yard drainage crew is well-versed in solving drainage problems of all varieties on both residential and commercial properties.

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French Drain Installation in Rogers & Northwest Metro

French drains originated in France but an American by the name of Henry French popularized the practice of digging trenches and utilizing tiles to manage the flow of water. The same principles used by French back in the 1800s are used today but with more technologically advanced materials such as perforated drain pipe. French drains are used to prevent water at the surface and underground from damage the foundations of buildings. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure, which reduces the chance for a wall to fail.

With a proper drain tile installation, water is routed to a designated location on the property. To most, a drain tile system installation may seem like a simple D.I.Y. project. However, an improperly installed French drain system can do more harm than good. Our highly-trained yard and landscape drainage teams will often use specialized equipment to ensure a proper grade is maintained through the entire drain tile system. This allows for maximum water flow throughout all four seasons, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your property’s outdoor drainage needs are handled.

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Dry Creek Beds & Re-Grading

We also offer another type of trench designed for landscape drainage. The dry creek bed approach also involves digging a trench on your property, but our team installs rock instead of drain tile. This solution works with your property’s grade to move water down a slope to a designated drainage area. The trench facilitates water drainage in that area, instead of where it currently resides. Installing a dry creek bed diverts water every time it rains or when the snow melts in the spring The goal is to discourage water from building up where it should not be, such as your foundation or turf and landscape areas.

Re-grading your yard and landscape is the most natural approach to fixing drainage problems. During a grading project, our skilled equipment operators make the decision for the best plan of attack for mitigating water. This may involve removing the existing landscape, hauling in more soil and grading it out to an ideal slope, then installing new landscaping. Re-grading is often the most cost-effective methods of correcting slopes to solve drainage issues.

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