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A Definitive Guide to Retaining Wall Material Types

Retaining walls are an important feature of any landscape design. They provide stability, support and protection for soil, plants and other structures on your property. But it’s not enough to simply build a wall; you must also carefully select the right material to ensure that your retaining wall will stand up against the elements and last for years. With several options available in today’s market, choosing the best material can be daunting. To help make this process easier, we’ve created this guide to retaining wall materials!

1. Manufactured Block

Also known as masonry blocks or cinder blocks, these are the go-to choice when you need a sturdy wall that will stand up against just about everything Mother Nature throws its way. Plus, there are dozens of color choices, installation patterns and block sizes to choose from between all the top manufactures, so you’ll be sure to find one that complements the exterior of your home or business property and surrounding landscaping. Block can also be used to create seating walls that surround the perimeter of a fire pit or paver patio.

2. Timber

A popular retaining wall material from the past is making a comeback. Timber is strong, lightweight and easy to work with. If you’re looking for a “rustic” look, it can also give your wall an attractive natural aesthetic. However, this material requires regular maintenance to protect it from insect damage and rot.

3. Boulder

For the homeowner that desires a more natural appearance and wants a more cost-effective solution to retaining slopes and preventing erosion, boulders are an excellent option. This wall style is becoming more and more sought-after because each boulder is completely unique to one another.

4. Gabions

A relatively new option on the market, gabion walls use galvanized steel cages filled with stone for support. Not only are these walls highly durable and weather-resistant, but they also offer a unique look that blends well with modern landscaping designs. The downside? Gabions require careful installation and aren’t as customizable as other materials like block or boulder.

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Whether you need to retain a large and steep slope in your backyard or wish to create an expansive seating wall in your outdoor living area, contact the hardscape experts at Northwood Outdoor Services to schedule a consultation for your next project.

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