There are several serious problems we deal with in Minnesota related to yard drainage. Many yards do not have the correct slope to naturally move water away from homes and other structures. Some gutter systems are also lacking when it comes to downspout design and placement. Drainage issues are also associated with yards that are built on top of clay soil.

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3 Methods for Better Lawn & Landscape Drainage

If you are experiencing any yard drainage issues, there are several excellent methods to solve these problems. More often than not, the best solution is to transform your property so that it does the hard work of draining water for you.

French Drains

If there are problem areas in your yard, a French drain is an excellent method to fix them. A perforated pipe is installed in a trench to divert water to a better location. This type of method can help prevent water from building up around paved surfaces, near gutter downspouts, or any other location in your lawn or landscape.


Correcting your yard drainage may require correcting the slope of your landscape, areas of your lawn, or a complete restart with a brand new grade of your yard. It is the most natural way to fix a drainage issue because our team will change the slope of your property so that water runs off efficiently to lower areas. This method is necessary if your yard frequently exhibits pooling water, especially close to your home where it could infiltrate the foundation and basement.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a great method to divert water from specific areas of your lawn. A dry creek bed involves digging a trench on your property from the location where water is collecting and directing it away from structures to a low lying area or near a storm drain. They resemble a creek with the rock that is used at the surface to provide aesthetics while working in conjunction with your property’s grade to move water to the designated drainage area. The creek will harbor excess water as it begins to evaporate instead of pooling up in your landscape beds or lawn areas.

Yard Drainage Solutions in Minnesota

Do not let poor yard drainage ruin your house and yard. Contact Northwood Outdoor Services today to re-grade your lawn or to install a French drain or dry creek bed. Our team will help you pinpoint the problems with your drainage and find a solution to protect it in the future

If you want to save your yard from turning into a swamp every time it rains, there are a few ways you can take action immediately. Correcting yard drainage issues does not need to be an intimidating process if you seek help from a professional. We have experience with solving common drainage problems at residential and commercial properties in the northwest Twin Cities metro of Minnesota.

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