It is critical to find a trustworthy snow removal company long before winter weather arrives. There are several things one must consider before you hiring a company to remove snow, so make sure to ask the these important questions:

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1. How Long Have You Worked in The Industry?

Ask potential companies about their history in providing snow removal services. A company with many years of experience providing snow removal services will be incredibly familiar and well-versed in all aspects of the industry.

2. What Type of Equipment Do You Have Available?

Consider asking a snow removal company about their fleet. A quality snow removal company can explain the size of their operation and describe their setup. Whether that be several pick-ups equipped with plows plus snow blowers, or ten front-end loaders along with dump trucks with salt spreaders. Most contractors that are well-prepared for winter can share insight with you about their fleet.

3. What is Relevant To You When Clearing Snow from My Property?

You can tell a lot from a business based on the information they gather before a service. They should explain to you how they will account for refreezing, visibility and more. An experienced company is familiar with different methods for clearing snow and keeping surfaces safe for traffic.

4. How Do You Prepare?

Do not hesitate to ask a snow removal company about what measures they take to prepare before winter’s arrival and each snow event. Placing snow stakes along driveways, sidewalks, along curb edges, etc. in the fall before the ground freezes is essential to effectively clear snow without damaging property. Also be sure to inquire about locations of where snow is to be piled, as well as their planned timeline for servicing your property once the snow is done falling.

5. Do You Have a Backup Plan?

You know you can trust a company that will readily share with you their backup plan. If a piece of equipment breaks down, you want to know that the company you are hiring has ample staff or properly trained subcontractors to handle any snow event. You should be able to count on your snow removal company to show up to take care of your property no matter what happens.

6. How Many Clients Do You Work With?

Too many clients could mean that your property is far down on the list. A professional snow removal company is aware of its limitations. They will be able to manage your property without delays or issues if they have a manageable book of clients. You can tell if they might be overbooked if a company cannot guarantee service completion within a designated window of time, usually 8 hours for a run-of-the-mill 1”-4” snow event, and longer time windows for larger snow events.

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