Retaining Walls

Northwood Outdoor Services offers top-tier retaining wall construction services for residential and commercial clients in Rogers, MN and surrounding communities. Providing boulder and manufactured block retaining walls.

Professional Retaining Wall Construction Rogers, MN

Not every property’s terrain is ideal for a sprawling turf area. Many have slopes, hillsides and more and a retaining wall is necessary to hold back the slope to prevent erosion, create area for planting beds or to allow for a flat lawn to allow for recreation or an easier process to cut the lawn each week. At Northwood Outdoor Services, our expert retaining wall installers in Rogers, MN solve any issues with preventing erosion by constructing walls systems that will last for decades.

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Block Retaining Walls

Our segmented block walls utilize concrete blocks that interlock to create a strong barrier that resists substantial loads. This engineered design makes constructing block walls an affordable yet durable solution to handle any size project regardless of the soil conditions at a property. With a variety of colors, sizes and styles of retaining wall block available, there is something to appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

Block walls are a great way to add an element to your outdoor space that is not only functional, but also boosts curb appeal and can provide multiple decades of erosion protection. To enhance the durability of your wall, we encourage you to routinely maintain the areas surrounding the wall, including mowing and trimming the grass that grows alongside it and looking after the landscape beds that surround the wall. This will ensure your retaining wall remains beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Boulder Walls

Natural boulder walls serve as an incredibly practical and cost-effective method to retain soil on a sloped property. Created by strategically stacking heavy boulders that are positioned properly, these walls can handle significant loads and can be built to moderately tall heights. They also appeal to those who prefer a more natural appearance on their property. Whether the soil beneath is sand, soil or clay, boulder walls are an excellent option for creating an incredibly strong functional element within your landscape.

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