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How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost to Build in Minnesota?

Installing a paver patio is one of the most popular backyard add-ons for homeowners in Minnesota. Paver patios add value to your home and provide a focal point for gatherings in your yard. Most homeowners and business property managers don’t know the general cost of a paver patio, so let’s look at the price and other factors of your future paver patio.

Important Details to Remember

There are endless options when deciding on features for your paver patio. However, all of these features rely on the factors below. Knowing these details will help you get a better idea of the cost.

Square Footage

The intended use of your patio determines its size and square footage. If you want to entertain many people within your outdoor living space, consider a size of at least 20′ by 20′ or larger. A smaller paver patio can be an excellent option for smaller backyards.

Designing Your Paver Patio

You have plenty of options for designing your patio area. Pavers come in different sizes, shapes, layouts, and colors. There are also other options for patterns when laying the pavers, including herringbone, running bond, or random patterns, plus soldier courses! All of these choices come together to make your patio 100% customized and unique.

The Actual Cost

We determine paver patio cost by the square footage of the intended patio area. Using standard patio pavers without too many add-ons gives you a price of around $18 to $25 per square foot. However, each installation is different, so only use these numbers as a rough guide.

Almost all projects start at about $2,500 and the price increases from there. If you want a large paver patio for family gatherings and parties, you’re looking in the range of $6,000 to $8,000 or more, the final price can vary depending on the specific scope of work and other features such as a fire pit, plantings, mulch, sod, drainage and more.

Planning & Installing a Paver Patio

Good planning is key to the longevity of your outdoor space. In the planning stage, we determine how much removal and site-prep must be done prior to excavation. Then once construction begins, our crews haul in and compact base materials at the proper depth, followed by laying the pavers in the designated pattern and then making paver cuts to fit the patio into its shape. Then finishing work with joint sand, snap edging and other landscaping such as an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, plantings, mulch, retaining walls and more.

If you want to install a paver patio in your yard or around your swimming pool in the northwest or west Twin Cities metro, get in touch with the professionals at Northwood Outdoor Services today.

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