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Can You Plant Trees & Shrubs During The Fall In Minnesota?

Most tend to think about autumn as the season of changing and plants dropping their leaves before going dormant for the winter. Not many homeowners realize the great potential for planting trees and shrubs in the fall, it is one of the best times to plant because they will receive additional time to prepare for the hot summer months next year.

Benefits of Planting in the Fall

There are multiple benefits to planting trees in the fall in Minnesota. The top one is the cooler temperatures and more frequent rain allow trees and shrubs to establish their roots and be well-equipped to extreme heat or droughts. As winter arrives, trees and shrubs will adapt to the changing temperatures by going into a “hibernation” mode, where they drastically slow energy consumption, growth and metabolism. Even if there is snow present, as long as you can manually dig into the soil with a shovel (and the ground is not yet frozen) – it is generally a good time to plant.

Selecting a Location

Choosing the right planting location is just as important as the timing. Different tree and shrub species require specific soil conditions and sunlight, some prefer more moisture with lower amounts of sun, whereas others prefer moderate amounts of soil moisture and tolerate full sun. If you’re unsure of what types of plants will thrive in the different areas of your property, it is best to consult with a local landscaper that is well-versed in Minnesota’s plants to ensure your investment into your property will be sound.

Caring for the Newly-Planted Trees and Shrubs

Whether you choose the spring, summer or fall for planting, it is critical to not neglect plants after installation. Watering is essential for all newly planted trees and shrubs. Even during the cooler months of fall, plants require water to acclimate themselves to their new growing environment. A tip to see if your plant requires more water is to dig a small hole near the base with your hands, if the soil feels moist to the touch, you can hold off on watering for a day or two. If planted in the fall, watering 3-5 times per week is highly recommended until temperatures are consistently below freezing during the day. Another plant care tip is to apply mulch surrounding the base of the tree (just make sure it is not too far up the tree trunk) and in your landscape beds around shrubs for an aesthetic boost while helping retain moisture and regulate soil temperatures.

So bottom line, autumn is an excellent time for planting trees and shrubs. If you are looking to have trees or shrubs installed at your home or business, contact the pros at Northwood Outdoor Services for the best landscaping services throughout Rogers, MN and the surrounding northwest metro suburbs.

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