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7 Principles of Landscape Design in the Twin Cities

Landscape design experts follow certain principles when crafting beautiful exterior spaces. These enable your yard’s curb appeal, overall aesthetics and property value to increase as a whole. In this article, we explore 7 principles of landscape design in the Twin Cities metro area.

1. Keep It Simple

The first principle of landscape design focuses on simplicity. Keeping things simple makes for a tidy front yard. Make a list of features you find essential, leaving out any elements that don’t add to the look of your outdoor spaces.

2. Focus on Variety

Simple landscape design doesn’t mean your yard has to look dull. You can add variety by mixing up the ground covering, trees and plants, and swap grassy areas for pavers. You can even add points of interest by using lawn furniture such as swings.

3. Balance Your Design

Front and backyard landscapes have visual weight. You may go for symmetrical (or formal) balance or consider asymmetrical (or informal) balance. Regardless of your choice, we recommend you maintain even weight throughout the entire space.

4. Emphasize Certain Elements

When designing elements for your lawn, select a few aspects that you want to highlight. You can draw more attention to these elements by emphasizing size, shape, color, or texture. However, focusing on too many details can visually overwhelm your guests.

5. Sequence Your Lawn

Sequencing requires you to transition from one element to the other. For example, it’s best not to put a small bush right by a large tree. Instead, place some intermediate-sized plants as a smooth transition.

6. Keep Things in Proportion

Considering proportion requires you to focus on the size and ratio of different yard elements. The features in your lawn should harmonize and work together.

7. Unify Everything

Whether you focus on a decorative or functional approach, unity matters. Each element in the landscape should complement the rest. The goal is to give your outdoor space a harmonious, peaceful appearance.

Connect With A Design Pro to Transform Your Yard

You don’t have to apply all the principles of landscape design on your own. Instead, you can reach out to professionals for personalized help creating the landscape of your dreams. Contact the experts at Northwood Outdoor Services today to get a quote for your next project.

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