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6 of the Best Perennials to Plant in Minnesota

Minnesota’s climate can fluctuate between extreme temperatures making it harder to choose the right plants for your landscapes. Many homeowners and gardeners love to include perennials in their landscaping because they come back every year and are low-maintenance for the most part. Perennials are a beautiful addition that will provide enjoyment year after year. Finding the right perennial flowers for your Minnesota garden can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Incredible Perennials for Your Minnesota Garden

In Minnesota, you need to choose perennials that can grow comfortably in Zone 4 since temperatures can drop between -20 and -30 degrees. Also make sure to take care of your perennials throughout the summer by routinely watering and installing mulch to help the soil retain moisture.

The 6 Best Perennials for Minnesota

This list includes some of the most popular options for Minnesota landscaping beds and gardens.


If you want to showcase various colors, chrysanthemums are the perfect option. These perennials can withstand extreme temperatures very well. They also bloom throughout the summer.


The distinctive purple, lavender, and white tones of coneflowers are pleasant for your Minnesota garden. Many people like to use coneflowers to attract butterflies.


This perennial is known for its flowers that bloom for a long time. Asters remain vibrant when planted in shady spots and are incredibly hardy. If you like having flowers to display in your home, asters make a lovely addition to a vase. Asters typically blossom from mid-summer into the fall.


Peonies are one of the most dependable perennials to choose for your Minnesota landscape. They are a very fragrant perennial with vivid shades and every spring you can enjoy the bright hues of that peonies offer.

Day Lily

Day lilies are a popular option for many gardens because they are known for their minimal care requirements. They can bloom stunningly in shady corners or bright, sunny spaces in your garden. Day lilies come in a wide variety of colors, which means you can easily find a lily to compliment the surrounding elements of your landscape.


This perennial is comfortable growing in shaded spots. If you are interested in a perennial that will not require much maintenance, the Hosta is a good choice. Hostas are also very hardy for Minnesota’s Zone 4 climate.

Despite having vast temperature differences between winter and summer, there are a wide variety of plants to select for your landscape project. If you’re ready to renovate your landscaping in the northwest metro, get in touch with the experts at Northwood Outdoor Services today.

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