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5 Signs Your Pavers Need To Be Replaced

Adding a paver patio, walkway or driveway to your home is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and create a beautiful space for entertaining. Here are five signs you may need to replace the pavers in your driveway or outdoor living area. If you catch them before they get too bad, you might be able to avoid replacing the entire structure.

Damaged Pavers

Cracks in your pavers are one of the first signs you need to replace them. As your driveway or patio ages and more cracks show up, it increases the rate that your pavers wear. Anything can cause cracked pavers, including potholes, sinkholes, and vehicles. Water may also work its way into the crack, causing further damage. Water in the cracks of your pavers will also freeze when winter arrives, causing even more damage.

Worn or Faded Pavers

In time, all exterior building materials deteriorate from the constant wear of the sun, wind, snow and rain. As time passes, the sun eventually bleaches pavers, and the wind and rain wear down the sharp edges.

If you don’t like the look of worn pavers, the only fix is replacing all of them. However, some people like the vintage aesthetic of dull pavers and choose to keep them for a while.

Missing Pavers

Whether your pavers weren’t installed correctly or are just absent, missing pavers are an eye sore. Not only is it unattractive, but it’s also a health hazard. Missing pavers are accidents waiting to happen for anyone that walks on the paver space.

Replacing a few missing pavers is easy, but if you have a large area of missing pavers, it’s usually more cost-effective to start over from scratch.

Uneven Surfaces

Many different things cause uneven surfaces. Growing tree roots cause hills to rise in your pavers, water intrusion if the structure wasn’t installed properly, or other causes.

Unfortunately, fixing the problem requires pulling up the pavers and leveling the base material with a proper slope. You must also fix the initial problem that caused the uneven surface, or you’ll be replacing the pavers soon.

Water Retention

When we build a patio, sidewalk or driveway, it will always have a slight slope to shed water away from buildings. If the water sits on your structure, it means the ground underneath shifted (can occur if the installed project is aging), your yard’s drainage needs correction or the pavers weren’t installed the right way. Fixing this problem generally requires removing and replacing all the pavers.

Keeping your paver spaces looking great is key to having a beautiful yard. At Northwood Outdoor Services, we have a proven method for paver installation that ensures your new patio, walkway or driveway will look amazing and provides years of use, fill out our online form today to get started.

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